50th Reunion Golf - October 21, 2013

  Dana Niendorf, Teresa Gruhn, Lyle Dingle, Ed Smith

  Dorothy Luoto Harney, Sandy Ames, (rear) Dan Golds, Mike Piper

  Jim Barrett, Bob and Debra Whipple, George Moberg

  Lyle Dingle, Dorothy Luoto Harney, Sandy and Sanford Ames

  Teresa Gruhn, Dana Niendorg, Bob Heriford, Debra and Bob Whipple

  Bob Whipple, Bob Hicks, Ed and Jan Smith

  Craig Dunckel, Loren Hersey

            Putting Golf Tournament 

  Lyle Dingle, ?, Teresa Gruhn, Dorothy Luoto Harney

 Jerry Blair, George Moberg

  Bob and Deb Whipple - Jan and Ed Smith

   Sharon Dunham Anderson

   Dana Niendorf - In Water?

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